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When Broadgate was Broadgate

Broadgate in the 1960s

The picture above is of broadgate when it still had traffic circulating the grassy island which was dominated by the statue of Lady Godiva.  Lynne has anotated it as possibly being in about 1970.  However, just to the right of Lady Godiva at the Earlsdon (Service 9) stop, can be seen what appears to be a Daimler CVA6, the last two of which were withdrawn in 1968.  So it is likely to have been a little before that.  To the left of Lady Godiva, in front of the black and white building, there appears to be the white roof of what might be a front-loading bus.  These were not introduced until 1965, so the most likely date of the picture is 1966 or 1967.  The black and white building was originally Timothy Whites and Taylors (known generally as just Timothy Whites), a chain of chemists which was taken over by Boots in 1968.  Today it is the Weatherspoons pub, the Flying Standard.

Notice that behind the four buses to the right of Lady Godiva, along the East side of Broadgate, the temporary shops were still standing, having been built during, or just after, the war.  From left to right, the bus stops were Service 9 to Earlsdon, Service 16 to Green Lane, Service 17 to Baginton (17A to Finham) and Service 2 to Cheylesmore.  In 1965, Service 17 was curtailed at Fenside and Service 17A extended to Baginton instead.  To the left of Lady godiva were the stops for Service 20 to Coventry Railway Station and and Service 22 to Willenhall.  It was also the set down point for Service 15 from Whitmore Park and Service 21 from Bell Green.

Broadgate in the 1970s

The second picture dates from 1976.  Notice that the temporary shops had disappeared and been replaced by what looks like a wooden walkway that been erected over an archeological site.  The site was revealed when the temporary shops were demolished and the redevelopment of the site was halted until the archeological survey had been completed.  With the demolition of the temporary shops, there was a clear view of the older buildings that remained behind them.  Also, notice that there is not a bus insight.