Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Peter Walduck

In 2009, Peter started the discussion forum for Coventry Transport known as "CWK205".  In 2011, he became the first president of the CCT Society.  Sadly, Peter passed away on the morning of Tuesday 17th July, 2012, after a long illness.  He will be sadly missed by all who knew him.

Fortunately, he left the CWK205 Forum in good hands, so his creation will continue to perpetuate the good work he started. It was Peter who suggested the CCT Society and it will continue to expand and carry forward his ideas.  It was a great blessing that, despite his severe illness, he managed to attend the CCT Centenary event at Sandy Lane.

Peter was a retired bus driver living in Bletchley where his children grew up and married and his grandchildren were born and went to school.  Buses were always been a big part of his life since he was a child growing up in Coventry in the 1950s.

He became a bus driver in 1966 when he gained a "PSV all types" licence (as it was known then) at the Midland Red training school in Leamington Spa on a D7 with a crash box.  He then went on to work at Nuneaton garage.  But he always wanted to be a Coventry Transport bus driver and so he left "The Red" and went to Coventry Transport, where he had to start as a conductor because that was the Corporation's policy.  He worked at Sandy Lane garage as a driver and it made a big impact on his life.  He always loved Coventry buses and indeed did until the end of his life, although there are now very few left in preservation.

At the introduction of the W.M.P.T.E, or "wumpty" as it was commonly known, the Coventry coat of arms and the name "Coventry Transport" began to disappear from the bus side panels and was replaced by stickers with "West Midlands" on them.  After a while, Peter moved his family South, to the new "City" of Milton Keynes, where he worked for United Counties (Luton bus) at their Castle Street garage in Luton, which was a challenge because he had never been there before in his life.  Although route learning was difficult, he found the Luton people to be very nice and helpful.

He then went on to drive for "Green Line" in and out of London.  His love of Coventry Corporation Transport was such that, through all his time at Luton and Green Line, he always wore the small Coventry Transport hat badge on the lapel of his uniform jacket.

He ended his bus driving days by driving Community Transport buses in and around Milton Keynes, transporting the elderly and disabled to where they wanted to go.  This was a different way of bus driving because it meant transporting both people in wheelchairs and people who are ill.  He met a lot of people who suffered with "MS", whom he found to be lovely people who had a terrible illness.  Because of this he made the MS Society his favourite charity.  While driving for community transport in Milton Keynes, he met another driver for whom he conducted at Coventry Transport.  He was also a former Sandy Lane driver, Graham Webster, whom Peter continued to see regularly.  Graham had also settled in Milton Keynes.