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Astons of Marton

David Aston, whose father operated the company, is a member of the CCT Society.


B.T.S. Motorways Ltd., Broad Street Garage, Coventry.

BTS takes its name from Bennett Travel Service, and was established in 1931 by the amalgamation of four small coach firms.

B.T.S. Motorways acquired Godiva-Bantam Coaches in 1966.


Bantam Motor Coaches, 158 Walsgrave Road, Coventry.

Bantam Motor Coaches amalgamated with Godiva Coaches in 1955, to become Godiva-Bantam Coaches.

Bunty Motorways Ltd

Bunty (H&H Motorways Ltd), Spon End Garage, Coventry.

Bunty's Coaches was established in the early 1920's.

Red House Motor Services took over Bunty Motorways Ltd., in 1962.

Godiva Coaches

Godiva Coaches, Head Office - 31 Ford Street. Garage at 247 Humber Avenue, Coventry.

Godiva Coaches was started in 1928, and amalgamated with Bantam Motor Coaches in 1955.

Godiva-Bantam Coaches

See Bantam and Godiva Coaches.

Lloyds Buses and Coaches, Nuneaton

Lloyds operated many works services in the Coventry and Nuneaton areas.  J. Lloyd & Sons was formed in 1924 with premises at 17 George Elliot Street.  They became a limited company in 1941 and ceased trading in July 1994 at their Avenue Rd site.

Red House Motor Services

Red House Motor Services, Cromwell St., Coventry.

B.T.S. and Godiva became part of RHMS in January 1967.

Other Coventry coach firms

The following is a list of other Coventry coach firms where more information is required and will be updated as further information comes to light.

Groves Coaches, Grange Garage, Alfall Road, Coventry.

Elliott, Arthur, Joseph. 162 Cross Road, Foleshill, Coventry.

Bolton's, B., Red Horse Garage, 72 Coventry Str., Coventry.

Bonas, R.J. (Supreme Coaches), 3 Middlecotes, Tile Hill, Coventry.

O'Halloran, T.J., 27 George Street, Coventry.

Whitley Motors (Cov.), 28 Ashington Grove, Coventry

S.A. Smith

Black and White

Harry Shaw, Mill Lane, Binley, Coventry