Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Midland Red Buses

Only a small proportion of Midland Red buses operated in Coventry, so only a list of Midland Red bus types has been included here, to give a flavour of the buses operating the services that ran to, from and via Coventry.  The agreement with Coventry Corporation to run connecting buses into and out of the city was signed in 1920.  The list of bus types is confined to those dating from when BMMO first designed its own SOS vehicles, which were produced from 1924 onwards.  The wartime utility buses, buses purchased from other manufacturers and buses inherited from other companies are not included in the lists.

The pre-war bus types were designated "SOS", which probably stood for Superior Omnibus Specification, although the first "S" is reputed by some to stand for Shire's after Mr L G Wyndham Shire, the engineering manager of BMMO for nearly thirty years. After the war, the bus types were designated "BMMO", which is self-evident and the models were pre-fixed S for single deckers and D for double deckers.


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