Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Daimler COG5/40 circa 1936

The first Daimer COG5/40 was delivered in 1936, one year before delivery of the rest of the mark began.  Together with the three Leyland Cubs they operated the rural services 17 to Baginton, 18 to Burton Green and 19 to Berkswell, purchased from S A Smith (Baginton) and Bunty Motorways (Burton Green and Berkswell).  No 146 is seen here at the Burton Green terminus, probably parked at the end of Red Lane, ready to turn right into Cromwell Lane for the return journey to Pool Meadow.  Apparently, Ronald Fearnley had a soft spot for 146.


This photograph was supplied by Geoff Cowley, printed from a negative loaned to him by Alf Owen in the early 1960s.