Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Humber Works to Coventry Station

This was one of three services dedicated to the Humber Works.  The other services were all part of the services that ran from AWA Baginton or the Rootes Ryton Plant, calling at the Humber Works. 


Route from Humber Works to Coventry Station

From Humber Works via Humber Road, Terry Road, Humber Avenue, Acacia Avenue, London Road, Much Park Street, Short Street, Parkside, St Patrick's Road and Eaton Road to Coventry Station.

Inward bound buses travelled from the station back to Parkside via Manor Road and Quinton road.

Fare Stages between Humber Works and Coventry Station

Pre 1961

London Road


Terry Road/Humber Road junction, Terry Road/Humber Avenue junction and Gulson Road.