Coventry Corporation Transport Society

GEC Stoke to Bedworth

This was one of two services bringing workers from Bedworth to GEC.  The other ran to the GEC works in Helen Street.  GEC's other Coventry works were sufficiently close to the City Centre to allow workers to reach them without the need for a special works service.


Route from GEC Stoke to Bedworth

From Telephone Road via Uxbridge Avenue, Binley Road, Church Lane,Burns Road, Walsgrave Road, Anstey Road, Woodway Lane, Henley Road, Hall Green Road, Windmill Road, Longford Road, Bedworth Road, Coventry Road Exhall, Black Bank, Coventry Road and High Street to King Street.

Pre-1961, the terminus was probably in Bedworth Market Place.

Fare Stages between Helen Street and Bedworth

Pre 1961

Church Lane, Mellowdew Road, Wyken Croft and Walsgrave Church.


Church Lane, The Forum, Dane Road, Wyken Grange Road, Wyken Croft, Clifford Bridge Road and Woodway Lane/Henley Road junction.