Coventry Corporation Transport Society

CCT Works to Wyken

This route was unusual in that it only had one fare stage.  No additional fare stages were added in 1961, so it is difficult to determine the precise route.  However, given that it would have had to pass Sandy Lane Garage en-route, it is likely that it also passed Harnall Lane Garage.  The route from Widdrington Road to Foleshill Road has been assumed to be the same as for the Alfred Herbert works services.  The most probable route is suggested on this basis.


Route from Keresley Works to Wyken

From Keresley Works via Watery Lane, Benett's Road South, Kersley Road, Radford Road, Lydgate Road, Sandy Lane, Widdrington Road, Kingfield Road, Lockhurst Lane, Durbar Avenue, Queen Mary's Road, Foleshill Road, Eagle Street, Springfield Road, Harnall Lane West, Harnall Lane East, Swan Lane, Walsgrave Road and Ansty Road to the Wyken Pippin.

Fare Stages between Keresley Works and Wyken

Pre 1961

There was only one intermediate fare stage on the service at the Junction of Foleshill Road and Broad Street


This was the only CCT route where the fare stages remained unchanged after 1961.