Coventry Corporation Transport Society

AWA Baginton to Coventry Station

The Station Service brought in workers from the commuter trains arriving at Coventry Station.  Some services ran via Whitley Aerodrome, although it is not known how the Whitley services were identified.  The near-side destination blind carried the name WHITLEY, which could have been changed to or from AWA WORKS BAGINTON by the conductor on arrival at Whitley.


Route from AWA Baginton to Coventry Station

From AWA Baginton via Willenhall Island, London Road, (also Abbey Road and Whitley Aerodrome Drive in the case of the Whitley service), Daventry Road, Quinton Road, Park Road and Eaton Road to Coventry Station.

Fare Stages between AWA Baginton and Coventry Station

Pre 1961

Toll Bar End, Abbey Road or Whitley Aerodrome, Daventry Road/London Road and Evening Telegraph Works.


Toll Bar End, Stonehouse Lane, Abbey Road, Whitley Hospital or Whitley Aerodrome, Daventry Road/London Road, Daventry Buildings, Joan Ward Street and the Martyrs Memorial.