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Works Services to AWA Baginton

AWA was formed in 1919, when Armstrong Whitworth of Newcastle and the Siddeley Deasy Company (Armstrong Siddeley) combined.  Moving from Parkside to what was known as Whitley Aerodrome, it expanded to Baginton in 1939.  During World War II the company acquired additional dispersal factories, including Bitteswell.  In addition to its well-known Whitley bomber, AWA constructed more than 1300 Lancasters and several hundred Gloster Meteors, particularly the night fighter versions.

Photo and text courtesy of www.awa.uk.com

There were four works services to Wyken and two to Stoke heath, each via a different route.  Because "AWA Baginton", "Wyken" and "Stoke Heath" were all on the front nearside blind, it is not clear what the blind display would have been.  Different routes to the same final destination must have presented a problem to the passengers, unless destination boards were used in front of the nearside bulkhead.  The 1957 fare table shows the works destination as Baginton Airport rather then AWA Baginton.