Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Works Services to Alfred Herbert

At one time, Alfred Herbert was thought to be the largest manufacturer of machine tools in the world.  The foleshill company was a watchword for excellence and its capstan lathes were amongst the best that money could buy.

The main site was the Edgwick works in Cross Road, Foleshill and the other Coventry works was in Red Lane, between Stoney Stanton Road and Swan Lane.  The Grayswood Avenue buses ran through to the Red Lane works, via the Edgwick works, whereas the Radford buses ran only to the Edgwick works.  Both routes served the Daimler works and Sandy Lane bus garage.

Judging from the fare tables, people could only pay as far as the Edgwick works on the Grayswood Avenue service and there was a separate fare from there onto Red Lane, so it is possible that the onward service was used to take workers forward to Red Lane after arriving at the Edgwick works.