Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Service 15: Whitmore Park

Frequency to and from Broadgate

Monday to Thursday: every 15 minutes
Friday: every 15 minutes
Peak Period: every 7½ minutes
Evenings: every 15 minutes
Saturday: every 7½ minutes
Sunday: every 15 minutes (reduced service before noon)

1962 Route

Broadgate to Whitmore Park

From Broadgate via Ironmonger Row, The Burges, Bishop Street, Radford Road, Beake Avenue, Penny Park Lane and Nunts Lane to purpose-built terminus at the junction with Wheelwright Lane.  Probable terminus details from road layout:

  • "All passengers alight here" at purpose-built terminus at the junction with Wheelwright Lane;
  • Layover and pick-up at terminus.

Fare Stages from Broadgate to Whitmore Park


Service introduced June 1958, Fare Stages unknown.


King Street, Lydgate Road, junction of Beake Avenue with Radford Road, Links Road, Burnaby Road, Headington Avenue and junction of Nunts Lane with Penny Park Lane.

History of the Route

June 1958

Service 15 introduced as a new service from Broadgate to Whitmore Park via Cross Cheaping/The Burges, Bishop Street, St Nicholas Street, Radford Road and Beake Avenue, terminating at Headington Avenue.

March 1959

Service extended along Beake avenue to Malmesbury Road.

June 1960

Further extended along Beake Avenue, Parkville Highway and Nunts Lane to the Junction with Wheelwright Lane.

June 1962

Northbound services diverted from The Burges via Hales Street and Trinity Street by new one-way system.

History of the Service Number

Summer 1938

Introduced as Outer Circle tour on Summer Sundays and Bank Holidays., but discontinued after 1939, presumably because of the outbreak of war.

September 1943

Service 15A introduced to run along the Coventry Bypass between the Browns Lane factory and Ryton/AWA.  However, after a short time the service became an unnumbered works service.

May 1948

Summer Outer Circle tour recommenced, but it is not known whether or not this was numbered as Service 15, nor when it was discontinued.

August 1957

During the holiday period and on Sundays an Outer Circle tour of about 35 miles was established. ; It has not been possible to establish when the previous Outer Circle was discontinued, nor whether the new one was numbered Service 15.