Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Service 10: Brownshill Green

Frequency to and from Pool Meadow

Monday to Thursday: every 30 minutes
Friday: every 30 minutes
Peak Period: every 20 minutes
Evenings: every 30 minutes
Saturday: every 20 minutes
Sunday: every 30 minutes (reduced service before 10.00 am)

1962 Route

Pool Meadow to Brownshill Green

From Pool Meadow via Hales Street, Corporation Street, Spon Street, Spon End, Allesley Old Road, Birmingham Road, Windmill Hill and Browns Lane to the terminus at Wall Hill Road. Probable terminus details from road layout:

  • "All passengers alight here" just beyond the White Lion;
  • Bus reversed into Wall Hill road then turned right, back into Hawkes Mill Lane for layover and pick-up opposite the White Lion.

Fare Stages from Pool Meadow to Brownshill Green


Barras Lane, Maudslay Hotel, The Toll Gate, Neale Avenue and Factory Gate South.


Hill Street, Barras Lane, Craven Street, Maudslay Hotel, Gayswood Avenue, Toll Gate Hotel, Butcher's Lane, Neale Avenue, Washbrook Lane and Freshfield Close.

History of the Route

March 1932

Introduced as a new service from Pool Meadow to Brownshill Green via Hales Street, Corporation Street, Fleet Street, Holyhead Road, Birmingham Road, Butchers Lane, Butt Lane and Browns Lane.  The service used Dennis 30 cwt buses with 14-seat Brush bodies to cope with the narrow lanes.  Prior to 1932, the Brownshill Green service had been operated by a private operator, but the route is unknown.

Late 1932 or Early 1933

Route changed to run via Hales Street, Burges/Cross Cheaping, Broadgate, Hertford Street, Warwick Road, Queens Road, The Butts, Spon End and Allesley Old Road.

September 1937

Service diverted via Trinity Street instead of The Burges/Cross Cheaping and Hales Street.

November 1937

Extended eastwards to Cheylesmore. Route from Spon End Changed to Spon Street, Fleet Street, Smithford Street, High Street, Little Park Street and Quinton Road, presumably terminating at Quinton parade, with short working between Cheylesmore and Spon End. This replaced the temporary Service 17 to Cheylesmore.

November 1939

Cheylesmore leg changed to Service 2. Service 10 diverted away from Smithford Street, along Corporation Street, Hales Street and Trinity Street to Broadgate. From Broadgate, it replaced Service 17 to Baginton via Hertford Street, Warwick Road, Leamington Road, Baginton Road, Howes Lane, Mill Hill and Coventry Road.

March 1940

Diverted from Trinity Street to terminate at Pool Meadow with the reinstatement of Service 17.


Diverted between Allesley and Browns Lane via Birmingham Road and Windmill Hill to allow double deckers to be used.

June 1946

The City terminus, which must have been truncated to Corporation Street some time during the war, was relocated to Pool Meadow.