Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Service 8: Tile Hill Village/Tile Hill South
Service 8A: Tile Hill North

Frequency to and from Pool Meadow

Alternate services 8 and 8A.

Monday to Thursday: every 8 minutes
Friday: every 8 minutes
Peak Period: every 6 minutes
Evenings: every 10 minutes
Saturday: every 5 minutes
Sunday: every 12 minutes (every 8 minutes after 1.30 pm - reduced service before 9.30 am)

N.B. Service 8 to Tile Hill South ran in peak periods only with a frequency of every 15 minutes.

1962 Route

Pool Meadow to Tile Hill

From Pool Meadow via Hales Street, Corporation Street, Spon Street, Spon End, Hearsall Lane and Tile Hill Lane to Bushberry Avenue then:

(a) Service 8 continued along Tile Hill Lane and Station Avenue to the terminus at Torrington Avenue. Known terminus details from personal recollection:

  • "All passengers alight here" on the left hand side of the throat of Torrington Avenue;
  • Layover and pick-up at the terminus then bus swung round to the right back into Station Road for the return journey.

(b) Service 8A via Bushberry Avenue and Jardine Crescent to purpose-built terminus just past Jardine Crescent shops. Probable terminus details from road layout:

  • "All passengers alight here" in dedicated terminus on the left just past the Jardine Crescent shops;
  • Layover and pick-up at the terminus, then bus swung round to the right into Jardine Crescent for the return journey.

An additional Service 8 in peak hours diverted from Tile Hill Lane at Eastcotes via Eastcotes and Torrington Avenue to Tile Hill South Terminus at Nickson Road. Probable terminus details from road layout:

  • "All passengers alight here" just beyond Nixon Road;
  • Bus pulled forwards and swung round in the throat of Padstow Road to face back into the City for layover and pick-up just past Nixon Road.

Fare Stages from Pool Meadow to Tile Hill


Barras Lane, Hearsall Common, Standard Gates, Newlands, then:

(a) Hawthorn Lane (8 to Tile Hill Village);

(b) Pinnock Place

N.B. Tile Hill South Service started in August 1957, Fare Stage location unknown, possibly Eastcotes.


Hill Street, Barras Lane, Farman Road, Broad Lane and Standard Cinema, then:

(a) Junction of Eastcotes with Torrington Avenue and Wolfe Road (8 to Tile Hill South);

(b) Jobs Lane and junction of Tile Hill Lane with Bushberry Avenue, then:

(i) Junction of Bushberry Avenue with Jardine Crescent (8A);

(ii) Pigswood Hill (8 to Tile Hill Village).

History of the Route

June 1928

Introduced as a new service from Greyfriars Green to Tile Hill via Queens Road, The Butts, Spon End, Hearsall Lane, Tile Hill Lane and Station Road.

October 1931

City terminus moved from Greyfriars Green to the new Pool Meadow and ran via Hales Street, Corporation Street, and Queen Victoria Road to rejoin the original route at Queens Road.

November 1934

Rerouted via Spon Street to Spon End, avoiding Queen Victoria Road, Queens Road and The Butts.

September 1943

Tile Hill terminus extended to Duggins Lane Hostel. This extension lasted until the end of the war in 1945.

June 1946

Short working to Beech Tree Avenue was renumbered Service 8A.

November 1952

Almost all 8A services were extended to the Tile Hill terminus and renumbered Service 8.

January 1954

Service supplemented by a new 8A service to Tile Hill North turning at Bushberry Avenue.

November 1956

Extended into Tile Hill North via Bushberry Avenue and Jardine Crescent with the terminus at Jardine Crescent shops.

August 1957

New additional service established to Tile Hill South by diverting along Flechamstead Highway and into Torrington Avenue, turning at Nickson Road.

February 1962

Tile Hill South service diverted from Fletchamstead Highway via Eastcotes.