Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Service 7: Allesley to Sewall Highway

Frequency to and from Coventry Theatre/Ford Street

Monday to Thursday: every 13 minutes
Friday: every 11 minutes
Peak Period: every 11 minutes
Evenings: every 13 minutes
Saturday: every 8 minutes
Sunday: every 16 minutes (reduced service before 10.00 am)

1962 Route

Coventry Theatre to Sewall Highway

From the Coventry Theatre via Ford Street, Far Gosford Street, Walsgrave Road, Clay Lane, Coventry Street, Avon Street and Torcross Avenue to the terminus at Sewall Highway. Probable terminus details from road layout:

  • "All passengers alight here" just before Sewall Highway roundabout;
  • Bus turned around island and stopped in the throat of Torcross avenue for layover and pick-up.

Ford Street to Allesley

From Ford Street via Hales Street, Corporation Street, Holyhead Road, Birmingham Road and Neal Avenue to the terminus at the junction with Flynt Avenue. Probable terminus details from road layout:

  • "All passengers alight here" just before Flynt Avenue;
  • Bus turned right into Flynt Avenue, reversed and turned right again, back into Neal Avenue for layover and pick-up.

Fare Stages from Allesley to Sewall Highway


Factory South Gate, Neal Avenue, The Toll Gate, Redesdale Avenue, Chester Street, Hippodrome, Gosford Green and Barras Green (Co-op).
N.B. In 1957, some services ran to the Brown's Lane factory North Gate.


Butcher's Lane, The Toll Gate, Southbank Road, Holyhead Hotel, Chester Street, Spon Street, Coventry Theatre (Ford Street on Return), Bramble Street, Swan Lane, Hastings Road and Shakespeare Street.

History of the Route

June 1928

Introduced as a new service from Allesley (Windmill Hill) to Green Lane (junction of Wainbody Avenue) via Allesley Old Road, The Butts, Queens Road, Kenilworth Road and Coat of Arms Bridge Road.

February 1929

Terminated at Greyfriars Green, with Service 2 taking over the leg to Green Lane.

October 1931

City terminus moved from Greyfriars Green to the new Pool Meadow. It is unclear whether the route followed Queen Victoria Road from Queens Road, Spon Street from Spon End or Hertford Street from Greyfriars Green. However, it is likely that it followed the Queen Victoria Road route used by Service 8.

Late 1932 or Early 1933

Route changed to run into Pool Meadow via Holyhead Road, Corporation Street and Hales Street.


Extended beyond Allesley along Windmill Hill and Browns Lane to the Browns Lane factory.

November 1941

Service extended from the City to Sewall Highway via Lower Ford Street, Far Gosford Street, Gosford Green and Walsgrave Road, Avon Street and Torcross Avenue, presumably turning at the Devonshire Arms. The presumed route from Walsgrave Road to Avon Street would have been Clay Lane, Mercer Avenue, Uplands and Alfall Road. City stop moved from Pool Meadow to the Hippodrome at this time.

March 1950

Main Service Truncated to junction of Windmill Hill with Birmingham Road, with peak services probably extended to the Brown's Lane Factory North Gate.

January 1954

Allesley leg truncated with a new terminus at Neale Avenue in Allesley village, but some (probably peak time) services continued to run to the Brown's Lane Factory North Gate.

Between February 1957 and March 1962

Services beyond Neale Avenue were restricted to works services.