Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Service 6: Walsgrave

Frequency to and from Pool Meadow

Alternate services to Bell Green and Walsgrave plus an additional service to Lenton's Lane (see below). On Saturday and during peak periods, the Walsgrave Service was extended along Woodway Lane to Ringwood Highway.

Monday to Thursday: every 10 minutes
Friday: every 10 minutes
Peak Period: every 6 minutes
Evenings: every 10 minutes
Saturday: every 6 minutes
Sunday: every 10 minutes (reduced service before noon)

Lenton's Lane service

Monday to Friday: every 30 minutes
Peak Period, Evenings, Saturday and Sunday: every 60 minutes

1962 Route

Pool Meadow to Walsgrave

From Pool Meadow via Ford Street, Lower Ford Street, Far Gosford Street, Walsgrave Road and Ansty Road to Woodway Lane, then:

(a) Walsgrave services terminated opposite Walsgrave Church. Exact locations of "All passengers alight here" and layover and pickup are unknown. Probable terminus details from road layout:

  • "All passengers alight here" just before Woodway Lane;
  • Bus was able to make a "U" turn through opening in centre reservation for layover and pick-up outside the Red Lion.

(b) Via Woodway Lane and Henley Road to the terminus at Bell Green. Probable terminus details from road layout:

  • "All passengers alight here" within the throat of Old Church Road;
  • Bus swung round and back into Henley Road facing the other way for layover and pick-up in Henley Road.

(c) Via Woodway Lane to the terminus at Lenton's Lane (Shilton Cross Roads). Probable terminus details from road layout:

  • "All passengers alight here" just before Shilton Cross Roads;
  • Bus turned right into Shilton Lane, reversed reversed into Lenton's Lane, then pulled forwards into Woodway Lane for layover and pick-up.

Fare Stages from Pool Meadow to Walsgrave


Gosford Green, Harefield Road, Mellowdew Road, Wyken Croft, Walsgrave Church then:

(a) Newhall Road, Bell Green, Co-operative Street and Alderman's Green (to Alderman's Green, Shilton Cross Roads)

(b) Potters Green Church (to Lenton's Lane)


Bramble Street, Swan Lane, Harefield Road, Dane Road, Wyken Grange Road, Wyken Croft, Clifford Bridge Road, Woodway Lane junction with Henley Road then:

(a) Broad Park Road and Deedmore Road (to Bell Green)

(b) Pottters Green Church and Sowe Common (to Lenton's Lane)

History of the Route

March 1927

Introduced as a new service between the Shepherd and Shepherdess (at Keresley) and Walsgrave, via Keresley Road, Radford Road, Engleton Road, Moseley Avenue, Holyhead Road, Queen Victoria Road, Stoneleigh Terrace, St Patrick's Road, Parkside, Gulson Road, Gosford Green, Walsgrave Road and Ansty Road.

June 1927

Extended beyond the Shepherd and Shepherdess to Keresley village via Keresley Green Road and Bennetts Road, presumably turning at the Hare and Hounds.

June 1928

Some journeys extended beyond Walsgrave to Alderman's Green via Bell Green, turning at Jacker's Road.

September 1928

Some journeys extended beyond Walsgrave to the junction of Lenton's Lane with Hawkesbury Lane via Woodway Lane and Lenton's Lane.

October 1931

Alderman's Green journeys extended beyond Jacker's Road to Hawkesbury power station.

November 1934

The route was split into two services, both numbered 6. The Keresley arm ran from Pool Meadow and reached Radford Road via Jesson Street and Leicester Street. The Walsgrave arm also ran from Pool Meadow and reached Walsgrave Road via Ford Street, Raglan Street, East Street and Paynes Lane. The original section from Radford Road to Gosford Green was incorporated in the new Inner Circle route (Service 14).


Western leg re-routed to Radford Road via Hales Street, Bishop Street and St Nicholas Street

March 1936

Eastern leg re-routed Between Pool Meadow and Gosford Green via Lower Ford Street and Far Gosford Street.


Western leg renumbered Service 16.

April 1937

Extended westwards from Pool Meadow to Earlsdon via Hales Street, The Burges/Cross Cheaping, Broadgate, Hertford Street, Warwick Road (returning via Warwick Row), Queens Road, The Butts, Albany Road, Earlsdon Street, Radcliffe Road, Rochester Road and Beechwood Avenue, turning at Hartington Cresent.

September 1937

Service diverted via Trinity Street instead of The Burges/Cross Cheaping.

October 1937

Earlsdon service transferred to Service 11A and replaced by an extension from Pool Meadow to Coventry Railway Station via Trinity Street, Broadgate, Hertford Street, Warwick Road and Eaton Road, presumably returning via Manor Road and St Patrick's Road. Alderman's Green Service turned into Lenton's Lane to the Old Crown, where the Lenton's Lane Service terminated.

May 1939

Short-working between the Wyken Pippin and the City was extended to Coventry Railway Station, presumably via Trinity Street, Broadgate, Hertford Street, Warwick road and Eaton Road.

November 1940

Service between Pool Meadow and Coventry Railway Station withdrawn.

August 1953

Short working to Wyken Pippin was abandoned with the introduction of Service 4 to Wyken.

Before February 1957

Lenton's Lane terminus truncated to Shilton Cross Roads and Alderman's Green Service extended to Shilton Cross Roads.

Between February 1957 and March 1962

Alderman's Green Service truncated to Bell Green (Service 21 to Aldeman's Green was extended to Shilton Cross Roads instead).