Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Support People

The support people kept the show on the road.  Without the support people, there would have been no wages, no recruitment, no accounting for revenue, no scheduling and no timetables or fare tables.

Norman Brown

Norman Brown worked in the CCT offices for more than 30 years.  He came down from his native north-east, where he had worked for the United bus company.  He probably came to Coventry in 1939 and worked on schedules and routes, which must have been a challenging and ever-changing issue during the war.  He later became Chief Traffic Clerk and subsequently Chief Cashier before retiring in 1970. He died in 1978.

Eileen Brown (Neé Wilson)

Eileen Brown also worked in the traffic office immediately before and during the war.  She worked, she says, mainly on things like "shorts and overs" from the conductors and on making up bundles of tickets for them to take out on their routes.  (Editor's note: this must have been before the introduction of TIM ticket machines.)  Eileen died on May 1st, 2013, aged 97.

Eileen and Norman Brown met at Coventry Transport and it is assumed that she worked there until their son, Malcolm, was born in early 1945.  When she first worked at Coventry Transport, before the war, she would have been Eileen Wilson