Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Tramway Drivers

The tramway people here have been identified by searching through the 1911 Census data. The work was undertaken by McSparron[1].  A number of different terms were searched for, so there are different results for what may be the same job. 

[1] J McSparron, Data extracted from the 1911 Census, www.1911census.co.uk/Records (2011)

People describing themselves as "Tramway Employees"

People describing themselves as Tramway Employees.  They may have been drivers, conductors or inspectors, but there must have been other employees, such as mechanics, track workers and office staff.  The nature of each person's occupation is not clear from the data.

Surname Forenames Age Residence
JACQUES W H 42 Foleshill
KENNELL Jonathan Joseph 37 Foleshill
KIRK William Henry 26 Coventry
PAXTON Charles 39 Foleshill
PHILLIPS Solomon 47 Coventry
STUBBS William 37 Foleshill