Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Tramway Conductors

The crew members here have been identified by searching through the 1911 Census data. The work was undertaken by McSparron[1].  A number of different terms were searched for, so there are different results for what may be the same job.  For example Tram Conductor and Tramway Conductor are all equivalent.

[1] J McSparron, Data extracted from the 1911 Census, www.1911census.co.uk/Records (2011)

Surname Forenames Age Residence
ALSOP Arthur Edward 37 Coventry
AUSTIN Frederick William 22 Coventry
AUSTIN James Richard 33 Coventry
AUSTIN Tom 18 Coventry
BARRITT Samuel 40 Coventry
BICKNELL John 21 Coventry
BIDWELL William Charles 23 Coventry
HARRISON Ernest Alfred 23 Coventry
HIGGINS Robert 30 Coventry
HOLMES Edwin 22 Coventry
KENKNIGHT George 25 Coventry
NEWMAN Charlie 24 Coventry
NEWMAN Robert Henry 30 Coventry
NICHOLLS Arthur 27 Coventry
RAYNER Edward Ernest 27 Coventry
SANSOME James 41 Coventry
SAVAGE Charles William 29 Coventry
WEBB Fredrick Charles 20 Coventry
WRIGHT John Warden 19 Coventry
YARROW James Harold 30 Coventry
YEOMANS John Thomas 25 Coventry
FAULCONBRIDGE Samuel Charles 34 Foleshill
FORTER William 25 Foleshill
GOLLAND Sinclair Parker 33 Foleshill
MERRETT Ernest Edward George 31 Foleshill
NICKELLS Arthur 24 Foleshill
SECKINGTON Frederick 28 Foleshill
BALDWIN James William 31 Coventry
COLLETT Harold 22 Coventry
COLLINGHAM John 38 Coventry
DOWNING Arthur 25 Coventry
EATON John 18 Foleshill
HAYWOOD Albert Edward 31 Coventry
HEATHMAN James Henry 37 Coventry
LANGTON Arthur 27 Coventry
RICKETTS Charles 27 Coventry
SMITH Henry 43 Foleshill
SYKES Horice 36 Coventry
WOODHOUSE Joseph 31 Foleshill