Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Tramway Drivers

The crew members here have been identified by searching through the 1911 Census data. The work was undertaken by McSparron[1].  A number of different terms were searched for, so there are different results for what may be the same job.  For example Tram Driver, Tramway Driver, Tramway Motorman and Motorman are all equivalent, but are listed separately to indicate the nature of the search.

[1] J McSparron, Data extracted from the 1911 Census, www.1911census.co.uk/Records (2011)

People describing themselves as "Motorman"

There is no independent confirmation that these people worked for the tramway.  There are two very young people, one aged 15 and a female aged 16.  The school leaving age was 14, so it is technically possible that they were tram drivers, but it seems unlikely.

Surname Forenames Age Residence
CAVE Arthur George 33 Coventry
ELSEY Thomas 20 Coventry
FORMAN Charles Edward 41 Coventry
FOSTER Hilda 16 female Coventry
HARRIS Abraham 27 Coventry
HARRIS Charles William 28 Coventry
HARRIS Ernest John 42 Coventry
HERBERT Edwin 35 Coventry
JARRARD William Peplow 23 Coventry
LOWE William Alexander 28 Coventry
MCGREGOR JUN R 15 Coventry
MEEKINGS Arthur 26 Coventry
PILKINGTON George 50 Coventry
POPPE Peter August 40 Coventry
RILEY Herbert John 41 Coventry
RILEY William 59 Coventry
ROSAMOND Albert Charles 21 Coventry
SHERWOOD John 28 Coventry
THOMPSON Alfred John 30 Coventry
WARD Aleck 25 Coventry
WARD Alfred Thomas 34 Coventry
WATTS John 41 Coventry
WEST Enoch John 47 Coventry
WILLIAMS Thomas 28 Coventry
WILLIAMSON William 38 Coventry