Coventry Corporation Transport Society


Terms associated with buses and routes have been included for the benefit of those unfamiliar with bus terminology. Some of the place names have already disappeared and others may do so in the future. The locations of place names have been recorded here to capture the information for future generations.

The terms have been divided into two groups: bus-related terms and place names.

Bus-related Terms

All Passengers Alight Here: The final stop at the end of the route ("The Terminus")
Bus Full Signal: Three rings of the bell by the conductor indicating that the bus was full and Fare Stages could be passed without stopping
Emergency Stop Signal: Four or more rings of the bell by the conductor indicating that the bus should stop immediately
Fare Stage: A compulsory intermediate stop on a route, travel beyond which was priced to the next Fare Stage or, in the case of the final Fare Stage, to the terminus
Layover: Period of time when the bus stopped to await the timetabled departure time, usually at the terminus, but also at the designated City stop
Pick-up: Where passengers boarded for the start of the journey, usually at a stop labelled "Queue Here for ... " or "Buses for ... Start Here"
Request Stop: an intermediate stop at which buses only stopped when hailed by waiting passengers or when the stop signal was given
Reversing Signals: Two rings of the bell by the conductor to indicate to the driver that it was safe to reverse - one ring to stop
Start Signal: Two rings of the bell by the conductor indicating that it was safe to move off
Stop Signal: A single ring of the bell by either the conductor or a passenger indicating that the bus should stop at the next stop
Swing Round: If the road was sufficiently wide for the bus to turn round in the road without reversing it would swing round to the face in opposite direction, usually before layover and pick-up, sometimes after pick-up and sometimes partly before and partly afterwards, depending on the precise location of the stops.

Place Names

Alexandra: Cinema on North West corner of Cox Street and Ford Street
Baginton Oak: An ancient Oak tree at the junction of Coventry Road, Baginton with Church Road, but also the name of a pub about 100 m East of the tree
Bear and Ragged Staff: Inn at Berkswell cross roads
Black Horse: Public House in Exhall, on the South corner of Blackhorse Road and Longford Road
Brett's Works: Brett's Stamping Works on the West corner of Harnall Lane East and Hartlepool Road (there is now a Brett's Close there)
Brooklands: Public House on the North corner of Forefield Road and Kingsbury Avenue
Brown's Lane Factory: The Jaguar factory (formally Daimler No 2 Works)
Bull's Head: Public house at the junction of Bull's Head Lane and Binley Road
Burton House: Cromwell Lane, between Westwood Heath Road and Hodgetts Lane
Charity Cottages: Located in Coventry Road, Berkswell, between Benton Green Lane and Back Lane
Canley Post Office: Sub post office in the block of shops at the junction of Prior Deram Walk and Sheriff Avenue
Charter Avenue Co-op: Located in the bloack of shope on the North side of Charter Avenue just west of Mitchell Avenue
Council House: Seat of local Government in Earl Street
Coventry Bypass: The old A45 comprising Stonebridge Highway, Kenpas Highway, Fletchamstead Highway and Dunchurch Highway
Coventry Civic Airport: The original entrance to Coventry Airport is now Oak Close
Coventry Technical College: College on North West corner of Albany Road and The Butts (now the Butts Radial Road)
Coventry Theatre: Formerley the Hippodrome, on the West side of Hales Street at the junction with Trinity Street, now Millennium Place
Coventry Training College: Teacher training college located opposite the junction of Kirby Corner Road with Shultern Lane, now part of the University of Warwick
Craven Arms: Public house opposite the end of Binley Road at the junction with Brandon Road and Brinklow Road
Crematorium: Canley Garden Cemetry and Crematorium on the South side of the Eastern End of Charter Avenue
Drill Hall: Territorial Army Barracks in Queen Victoria Road on the South corner of Croft Road
Duggins Lane Hostel: One of 16 war-time workers' hostels in Coventry, situated in Duggins Lane
Evening Telegraph Works: Temporary location of the Coventry Evening Telegraph after the original building was destroyed by war time air raids but, by 1962, the Evening Telegraph had moved to its present location in Corporation Street.
Five Ways: Five Ways Tavern on the North East corner of Harnall Lane West and Leicester Causeway (now the site of an Indian temple)
Fleet Street: Ran to the East from Spon Street to Smithford Street, which in turn connected to Broadgate (roughly along the current line of the Precinct)
Factory North Gate: The Jaguar North gate
Factory South Gate: The Jaguar South Gate
Foleshill Garage: On the West side of Foleshill Road midway between Lockhurst Lane and Old Church Road
Gaumont: Cinema on West corner of Whitefriars Street and Jordan Well
General Wolfe: Public House on the North corner of Station Street West and Foleshill Road
Gosford Green: Junction of Walsgrave Road with Binley Road
Green's Farm: Westwood Heath Road, midway between Westwood Heath Church and Bockendon Road
Greyfriars Green: Park located between Warwick Road and Warwick Row (Warwick Row later became pedestrianised and was bisected by the newly created Greyfriars Road)
Gulson Hospital: On the North side of Gulson Road at the bottom of the hill
Hearsall Common: Junction of Hearsall Lane and Earlsdon Avenue
Hippodrome: Later to become the Coventry Theatre, on the West side of Hales Street at the junction with Trinity Street, now Millennium Place
Iron Bridge: Railway Bridge crossing Bedworth Road Longford
Jeffrey Woods Cross: Five way junction between Harnall Lane East, Swan Lane, Nicholls Street and Burlington Road
Keresley Hospital: Formally Keresley Hall, which closed in 1968 and is now the Royal Court Hotel
Leofric: Four star hotel built in the city centre adjacent to Owen Owen. More recently, it has seen less glamorous days as the City centre Travel Lodge
Longford Church: St Thomas' Church on the East side of Longford Road, opposite Longford Square
Lord Raglan: Public House on the North corner of Coventry Road Exhall and Bayton Road
Martyrs Memorial: Granite cross at the junction of Quinton Road and Mile Lane, now in the middle of a roundabout
Maudslay Hotel: Allesley Old Road opposite Maudslay Road
Mountain Ash: About half way along Back Lane between Broad Lane and Four Oaks cross roads
Old Cottage: Located in Spencer's Lane between Berkswell and Tanner's Lane, possibly the cottage on the South side of Spencer's Lane, just West of Truggist Lane
Old Crown: Public House at the West end of Lenton's Lane, on the South side of the road
Owen Owen: Large department store on the North side of Broadgate
Pilot: Public House occupying the west side of Catesby Road between Rollason Road and Burnaby Road, at the time, reputed to be the largest public house in Coventry
Phantom Coach: Public house at the junction of Fletchamstead Highway with Charter Avenue
Railway Bridge: Warwick Road by access steps to the railway station
Rialto: Cinema at shops on West Side of Mosley Avenue just North of Barker's Butts Lane
Shepherd and Shepherdess: Public house on the East side of Keresley Road and the junction with Keresley Green Road and Tamworth Road
Shilton Cross Roads: Shilton Lane where Woodway Lane and Lenton's Lane form a cross roads
Smithford Street: Ran to the West from Broadgate to Fleet Street, which in turn connected to Spon Street (roughly along the current line of the Precinct)
Standard Motor Company: Canley Road gate, between Hearsall Common and Canley Halt (now Canley Rail Station)
Stoke Aldermoor Community Centre: Located in the Moorfields in the 1940s, but the location is uncertain, possibly on the corner of the Farmstead
Stoke Hill Guildhouse: One of 16 war-time workers' hostels in Coventry, situated at the junction of Hipswell Highway with Binley Road.
Toll Gate: Public house between between Holyhead Road and Allesley Old Road (the rear entrance from Allesley Old Road has now disappeared)
Victoria Farm: Situated about half way along Benton Green Road
Walsgrave Church: St Mary's Church Opposite the junction of Woodway Lane with Ansty Road.
Westwood Cottages: Group of cottages in Westwood Heath Road, just West of Westwood Heath Church