Coventry Corporation Transport Society


Grateful acknowledgement is made to the following for assistance with this study:

Peter Walduck: for setting up the "CWK 205" website and giving helpful comments
Trotskee Travel: for supplying the Coventry Transport Official Timetable and Fare Table for 1962
Kathryn Hill: for supplying a copy of "Coventry Past and Passing"
Damien Kimberley: Research & Information Curator at Coventry Transport Museum for supplying a facsimile of the 1957 Fare Table
Coventry History Centre: at the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum and in particular Rayanne Byatt, Senior Library & Information Assistant, for advice, providing the requested research documents and sending facsimile copies
A1goodsnchattles: for supplying "Coventry Transport 1884 - 1974"
Transport Store: for supplying "Coventry Transport 1912 - 1974"
David Dover: of Reprint UK for supplying "Coventry Corporation Transport Golden Jubilee"
CWK205 Contibuters: John McSparron, Chris Williamson, John Kennedy, T.W.Moore, Kevin Tully, Steve Jillings, Roger Bailey and Tom Dunne for their helpful comments and replies to my queries.
Rob Orland: For his website "Historic Coventry", which has been invaluable in establishing some of the details of Coventry that have disappeared over the years.
Peter Gould: For his website "Coventry Corporation Transport Tram Fleet List 1912 - 1940", which helped me identify the total number of trams in service.