Coventry Corporation Transport Society


Photo courtesy of Roger Bailey

These were wartime buses procured via the Ministry of Supply. They are generally described as simply AEC Regent, but Mike Greenwood* has listed those diverted to Midland Red as AEC Regent II.

Model AEC Regent
Details Double deck with Brush bodywork
AEC A173 7.7 Litre engine
Upper saloon: 30 seats		Lower saloon: 26 seats
Number Delivered Withdrawn Reg No Notes
259 1942 1958 EVC259
260 1942 1958 EVC260
261 1942 1958 EVC261
262 EVC262 These buses were originally allocated to Coventry by the Ministry of War Transport, but were reallocated before delivery.  The registrations EVC262-268 were cancelled and the buses re-registered by the receiving organisation.  262 was delivered to Kingston-upon-Hull as Fleet Number 196 and the others were delivered to Midland Red as GHA795-800.  They never ran in Coventry.  A further fifteen were originally ordered, but the orders appear to have been cancelled, so Fleet Numbers 262-283 were never issued, although a second-hand Leyland Tiger (original Fleet Number 11) was renumbered 263 in 1946 in preparation for the re-start of numbering for the post-war fleet.
263 EVC263
264 EVC264
265 EVC265
266 EVC266
267 EVC267
268 EVC268

* Mike Greenwood Midland Red Glory Days Ian Allan Publishing 1998 ISBN 0 7110 2589 4