Coventry Corporation Transport Society


Reproduced from A S Denton and F P Groves, Coventry Transport 1884-1940, BTHG (1985)
Original Citation: FPG Collection

These buses were first hired from AEC and then purchased the following year.  They were procured at a time when the delivery of new buses was slow and they filled a gap in the service requirement.  They had previously belonged to Halifax Corporation and were of a design that dated from the 1920s.  The last buses with outside stairs had been withdrawn from service in Coventry five years earlier.  Number 7 (then 267) caught fire in Stoney Stanton Road in 1948.  T.W.Moore has written an excellent account of the event in the CWK205 "10-Brownshill Green" forum.

Model AEC Regent
Details Double deck with Hoyal bodywork, "camel" (i.e. humped) roof, open platform and open stairs
AEC 6.1 litre 6-cylinder petrol engine
Upper saloon: 26 seats		Lower saloon: 24 seats
§ Rebuilt by Brush in 1942 with enclosed stairs and platform
Upper saloon: 30 seats		Lower saloon: 26 seats
Number Delivered Withdrawn Reg No Notes
1 1939 1943 CP9077
1939 1948 CP8010 1946: renumbered 264
1939 1948 CP8011 1946: renumbered 265
7 1939 1948 CP9070 1946: renumbered 267