Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Maudslay Regent III

Photo courtesy of John Kaye

These were the only post-war Maudslay buses built at the Parkside works.  In effect, they were AEC Regent IIIs badged up as Maudslays.  They bore both Maudslay chassis numbers and AEC chassis numbers.  Maudslay, along with Crossley, had been absorbed into AEC in 1948 as part of the ACV group.  It is reputed that they were supplied to the Corporation to pay off a rates debt, probably owing from the period immediately prior to the merger, when business may not have been buoyant.

Model Maudslay Regent III
Details Double deck with MCCW bodywork
AEC 9.6 Litre engine
Upper saloon: 31 seats		Lower saloon: 27 seats
Number Delivered Withdrawn Reg No Notes
117 1951 1965 JKV117
118 1951 1965 JKV118
119 1951 1965 JKV119
120 1951 1965 JKV120
121 1951 1965 JKV121
122 1951 1965 JKV122
123 1951 1965 JKV123
124 1951 1965 JKV124
125 1951 1965 JKV125