Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Maudslay ML4

Photo Courtesy of Roger Bailey

The Maudslay ML4C appears to have been identical to the ML4A.  Both the ML4A and ML4C were also designated ML4/26, so it is not known why these two buses were designated ML4C. It is possible that the ML4C could have been equipped with the slightly larger 4.94 litre engine than was installed in the ML4/30/110 model.

Model Maudslay ML4C
Details Single deck with Hickman bodywork and dual entrance suitable for either one man or crew working
Maudslay 4-cylinder ohc petrol engine (unknown capacity)
26 seats
Number Delivered Withdrawn Reg No Notes
34 1929 1935 VC1784
35 1929 1935 VC1785