Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Maudslay CP

Reproduced from A S Denton and F P Groves, Coventry Transport 1884-1940, BTHG (1985)
Original Citation: Alf Owen

These were the first double deck buses with a roofed upper-saloon.  They were also the first buses with a low chassis, designated CPL.  The distribution of seats between the upper saloon and the lower saloon is unknown.

Model Maudslay CPL
Details Double deck with Hickman bodywork, open platform, open stairs and full-width cab
Solid tyres (pneumatic tyres may have been fitted later, possibly in 1927)
The CPL was the low chassis version of the CP
7.0 Litre, 4-cylinder, 72 bhp petrol engine
54 seats
Number Delivered Withdrawn Reg No Notes
17 1925 1934 RW5000 Before 1927: reconfigured 52 seats
18 1925 1934 RW5001
19 1925 1933 RW5119