Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Maudslay Subsidy A

Reproduced from A S Denton and F P Groves, Coventry Transport 1884-1940, BTHG (1985)
Original Citation: FPG Collection

These were the first post-war Maudslay buses.  They were based on the Govenrment-approved Subsidy chassis designed for wartime use.

Model Maudslay Subsidy A
Details Single deck with Hickman bodywork, high chassis and rear entrance
Solid tyres (pneumatic tyres fitted later, probably in 1927)
Petrol engine (unknown capacity)
36 seats
Seating reconfigured in 1931
34 Seats
Number Delivered Withdrawn Reg No Notes
8 1921 1934 HP447
9 1921 1934 HP2182
10 1921 1934 HP2183
11 1921 1934 HP2184