Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Maudslay 40hp 3-tonner

Photo courtesy of Roger Bailey

These were Coventry's first buses.  They were delivered in March 1914, but requisitioned by the War Department in September of the same year.  There is a photograph or DU263 on Ball Hill, but the fleet number is not visible.  DU264 is definitely identified as Number 2 and DU269 is definitely identified as Number 6. Peter Gould groups the buses as 1 to 4 and 5 to 6, so it is reasonable to suggest the registration numbers shown below.

Model Maudslay 40hp 3-tonner
Details Double deck with Brush bodywork, high chassis, open top, open platform and open stairs
Solid tyres
4-cylinder, 6.435 Litre Petrol engine (5 inch bore and 5 inch stroke)
Upper saloon: 18 seats		Lower saloon: 16 seats
Number Delivered Withdrawn Reg No Notes
1 1914 1914 DU263 There are detail differences between DU263 and those shown in other surviving photographs.  The body appears to sit higher on the chassis, mounted on supporting cross-members, whereas the others appear to be mounted directly onto the chassis.
2 1914 1914 DU264
3 1914 1914 DU265
4 1914 1914 DU266
5 1914 1914 DU268
6 1914 1914 DU269