Coventry Corporation Transport Society

London Passenger Transport Board

Photo courtesy of Clive Barker

Unless otherwise stated, these buses all arrived in November 1941.  Two of the later arrivals never ran in Coventry because an air raid in Walsall took place and they were transferred on before they could be put into service.  The "ST" part of each fleet number was painted out.  There was no conflict with the existing Coventry fleet numbers.  The bus illustrated never ran in Coventry but was on loan to Midland Red during the war.  It is unlikely that there is any surviving photo of any of the buses that were on loan to Coventry.

Model AEC Regent
Details Double deck with Tilling bodywork, open platform and open stairs
Petrol engine
Upper saloon: 27 seats		Lower saloon: 25 seats
§ Short bodywork
Upper saloon: 24 seats		Lower saloon: 24 seats
CCT No Fleet No Built Reg No Notes
ST844 1930 GJ2020 Arrived in July 1942 but never ran in Coventry. Transferred to Walsall after an air raid there immediately after the transfer to Coventry
ST847 1930 GJ2023
877 ST877 1930 GJ2053 Arrived December 1942 Returned October 1945
926 ST926 1930 GK1002 Returned November 1945
964 ST964 1931 GK6240 Returned September 1944
971 ST971 1931 GK6247
972 ST972 1931 GK6248 Returned November 1945
977 ST977 1931 GK6253 Returned September 1944
1139§ ST1139 1931 UU6610 Arrived December 1942 Returned November 1945