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Reproduced from D Harvey, Coventry Buses 1914 - 1946, Amberley Publishing (2015)
Original Citation: Photomatic

These four buses were on hire for less than a month after the air raids of Holy Week 1941. The raids were on the Tuesday and Thursday.  The next day was Good Friday, so it is unlikely that the buses would have arrived until the day after the bank holiday, Tuesday 15th April.  The buses had all been returned before the end of April, so it is likely that the hire period would have been two weeks.

Model Guy CX
Details 6-wheel Double deck with Brush bodywork
Gardner 6LW engine
Upper saloon: 30 seats		Lower saloon: 26 seats
CCT No Fleet No Built Reg No Notes
20 20 1928 RY5541 Returned before the end of April 1941
36* 36 1928 RY6474
39 39 1928 RY6467
49 49 1929 RY7856

* The fleet number 36 had already been allocated to a Great Yarmouth hired bus in 1940.  The Great Yarmouth bus was not returned until May 1941, after an air raid in Great Yarmouth, but it was originally intended to remain in Coventry until the end of the war, so it is unlikely that the Leicester bus was intended to retain the fleet number 36.  However, in view of the short-term nature of the hire, it is improbable that the Leicester bus would have received a new number.  By the end of 1942, the hired buses were referred to by their original fleet name and number (e.g. Leicester 36), so the bus may have retained its original number for the two weeks that it stayed in Coventry.