Coventry Corporation Transport Society


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SHMD (the Stalybridge, Hythe, Mossley and Dukinfield Joint Board) supplied these buses in April 1941, after the Holy Week air raids. All references indicate that the SHMD fleet numbers were retained throughout their stay in Coventry. However, the fleet numbers, 168 and 170 were already in service as two COA6s which were delivered in 1937 and continued in service until the 1950s. It is possible that both COA6s suffered air raid damage and were off the road throughout the period of hire, but it is more reasonable to suggest that the hired buses were renumbered by painting out the figure 1 to make them 68 and 70, two fleet numbers that were never issued before the war.

Model Daimler COG6
Details Double deck with Brush bodywork
§ NCME bodywork
Gardner 6LW engine
Upper saloon: 26 seats		Lower saloon: 26 seats
CCT No Fleet No Built Reg No Notes
(1)68 168 1936 BWK860 Returned in September 1941
(1)70§ 170 1937 DMB741