Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Nottingham Corporation

Reproduced from A S Denton and F P Groves, Coventry Transport 1940 - 1974, BTHG (1987)
Original Citation: WJ Haynes

These buses arrived in April 1941, after the Holy Week air raids. The fleet numbers, 124 and 125, conflicted with existing Coventry Corporation fleet numbers. The Figure 1 of 125 was painted out to make fleet number 25 but the number 24 had already been allocated to a Bolton bus, so the Figure 4 was painted out to make 124 fleet number 12.

Model AEC Regent
Details Double deck with Brush bodywork
AEC engine (unknown capacity)
Upper saloon: 26 seats		Lower saloon: 26 seats
CCT No Fleet No Built Reg No Notes
12 124 1931 TV4956 Returned in October 1944
25 125 1931 TV4957 Returned in November 1944