Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Great Yarmouth

Reproduced from D Harvey, Coventry Buses 1914 - 1946, Amberley Publishing (2015)
Original Citation: A D Packer

Together with the buses from Southend, these were the first wartime buses hired by Coventry Corporation.  They were hired in July 1940 to make good the shortfall in the delivery of new buses, but were not used in anger until after the November 14 air raid.  There was no conflict between the fleet numbers and existing Coventry Corporation fleet numbers and so the original fleet numbers were retained.

Model AEC Regent
Details Double deck with United bodywork
AEC petrol engine (unknown capacity)
Upper saloon: 25 seats		Lower saloon: 23 seats
CCT No Fleet No Built Reg No Notes
27 27 1931 EX2874 Probably returned in 1946
28 28 1931 EX2875
29 29 1931 EX2876
30 30 1931 EX2877
31 31 1931 EX2878