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Daimler CRG6LX

Photo courtesy of Roger Bailey

The double deckers from 1965 onwards were all rear engine, front entrance buses although for a period, a dual door version with a separate exit was purchased for one man operation.  The first Daimler Fleetlines, like the Atlanteans, had a modified destination blind layout, with two destination blinds, one above the other and a large, square number blind to the right (as viewed from the road).  The upper blind was for the destination and the lower one for other information (Via, Service Extra, Works, etc).  Later photographs indicate the use of only the lower blind and at least some buses later had one of the blinds removed and the remaining one in line with the number blind

All buses transferred to WMPTE in 1974

Model Daimler CRG6LX Fleetline
Details Double deck with Willowbrook bodywork, rear engine, automatic front doors and front stairs.
Gardner 6LX 10.45 Litre engine with fluid flywheel and four-speed Daimatic, semi-automatic, direct selection, epicyclic gearbox
Air brakes
Upper saloon: 44 seats		Lower saloon: 32 seats
Number Delivered Withdrawn Reg No Notes
360 1965 CRW360C
361 1965 CRW361C
362 1965 CRW362C
363 1965 CRW363C
364 1965 CRW364C
365 1965 CRW365C
366 1965 CRW366C
367 1965 CRW367C
368 1965 CRW368C
369 1965 CRW369C
370 1965 CRW370C
371 1965 CRW371C
372 1965 CRW372C
373 1965 CRW373C
374 1965 CRW374C
375 1965 CRW375C
376 1965 CRW376C
377 1965 CRW377C
378 1965 CRW378C
379 1965 CRW379C
380 1965 CRW380C
381 1965 CRW381C