Coventry Corporation Transport Society

Daimler G6H/S Freeline Coach

Photo courtesy of Roger Bailey

These Daimler Freeline coaches were governed to 43 mph.  Possibly because of the speed restriction, new coaches were purchased in 1964 and the Freelines were subsequently converted to buses with destination blinds.  There were several versions of the Freeline, some with Gardner engines and some with Daimler Engines.  The D650H/S had a Daimler engine, but Coventry chose the G6H/S with the Gardner engine.

Model Daimler G6H/S Freeline Coach
Details Coach with Willowbrook Viking bodywork
Gardner 6HLW 8.4 Litre engine under-floor mounted
41 seats
Year as indicated: refurbished with 39 seats and destination blinds
Number Delivered Withdrawn Reg No Notes
401 1959 1970 XRW401 Refurbished 1965
402 1959 1970 XRW402 Refurbished 1967
403 1959 1970 XRW403 Refurbished 1967